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If you have someone on your gift list that is a true “Green Thumb,” often times finding the right gardening gift can prove real challenging.

However, the best gift-givers pinpoint items within those hobbies or interests that would make that “Green Thumbs” life in the garden much easier. So, what do you get the green-thumbed person who already has nearly every gardening tool?

If you’ve been searching for some cleverly thoughtful gift ideas to surprise them, we have three gardening gift ideas that are functional, sleek and attractive for any gardener.

1 High Performance Breathable Gardening Outdoor Gloves | Family Life Tips Magazine

High Performance Breathable Outdoor Gardening Claw Gloves

These gardening gloves “Act Like a Second Skin” for the gardener. These high-performance gardening gloves contain durable natural rubber latex, which makes them waterproof, puncture resistant and easy-to-clean after spending time in the garden or a day of doing yard work.

Not only are these gardening gloves comfortable. But, they provide you with the protection you need while doing your gardening chores. The garden gloves help to keep your hands safe from scratches, dirt, grease, cuts or scrapes that every gardener encounters.

These gardening gloves are equipped with four (4) garden claws made of a high density ABS plastic. The harden plastic claws make it easy to dig into garden or planting dirt to break it up to ready it for transplanting plants or readying the soil for planting. Making these garden gloves the perfect gift a flower, herb or vegetable gardener.

2 Garden Scissor and Hand Pruners for Gardening | Family Life Tips Magazine

Powerful & Easy Garden Scissors

For any gardener that needs a dependable high-quality set of garden scissors – the garden pruners are just what your seeking. These garden scissors have cutting blades that are constructed of quality high carbon steel with ultra-fine polishing technology – for smooth cuts. But, yet powerful enough for heavy duty trimming jobs around the garden, home or other yard work duties.

Designed with safety in-mind. These quality garden scissors feature a “safety lock” system. The safety lock provides an easy Open/Close locking device helping to ensure that yourself and your family are protected from accidental cuts when storing the garden scissors between uses.

The garden scissors are ergonomically designed for comfortable long-term usage. Equipped with a long handle design and spring action helps to maximizes productivity and minimizes fatigue, allowing you to trim or cut foliage around the garden or yard effortlessly.

3 Outdoor or Indoor Waterproof Yard Projector Light | Family Life Tips Magazine

Outdoor or Indoor Waterproof Yard Projector Light

Give the gardener in your life a way to really showcase their hard-work in a stylish and fun manner with the use of a Outdoor Indoor Projector Light. These yard projector lights make it easy to project holiday decorations for, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or other special occasions.

The outdoor light projector can be used to easily project holiday holographic images onto flat surfaces. Within a few minutes, you can transform the outside of your home or the inside walls of any room by inserting the holographic slide of choice, turn it on and then sit back and enjoy the view. This yard light projector does not require a smart home device to be connected, so it is great for users whom want an easy solution to add a little flair to their surroundings.

You can choose from several of the preloaded 10 switchable pattern lens that the outdoor light projector is equipped with. The different scene patterns can be switched on and changed for different occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Birthday, party, and other special occasions.


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