5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy in the Heat


Warm weather calls for outdoor activities with your pup such as hiking, traveling and spending time in the park.

While spending quality time with your canine companion is essential, making sure your furry friend is healthy and clean inside and out is also a must.

“Warm weather means more outside play time, and while that can be great for increased exercise, it’s also important to be sure you’re keeping your pet healthy, starting with proper hygiene,” said Dr. Ernie Ward, veterinarian and Mars Petcare spokesperson. “Maintaining your dog’s hygiene, including cleaning his ears, bathing him and cleaning his teeth, is a critical component of helping him live a healthy lifestyle – from head to paws.”

These five tips can help keep your pup cuddle-worthy throughout the hottest time of the year.

1Bond Over Bath Time

After a day in the sun with your pup, a bath is typically a must. Not only will it get your pup clean, but it can help cool him down from a hot day. When bathing your dog, be sure to clean his whole body, including his eyes and face. Moisten a soft washcloth or sponge with room-temperature water and gently wipe your dog’s face to clean it.

2Sit, Stay, Hydrate

Keeping your pet clean and healthy starts on the inside. Be sure to have fresh water accessible at all times to keep your pet hydrated, especially in warm weather. If you’re thirsty, chances are your pet will be, too.

3Freshen Up Snuggle Time

There’s nothing like a good snuggle with your furry best friend after a long day, but bad dog breath can put a damper on getting too close. Give your dog dental treats like Greenies Dental Treats or Pedigree Dentastix Treats to help keep teeth clean and breath fresh so you can enjoy more snuggle time together.

4Make Nap Time Cozy and Clean

Your dog’s bed may be where he feels most comfortable, which is why it is so important to keep that area clean during the dog days of summer. Any bugs, fleas or germs your dog may contract will follow him into the bed. Using a bed with a removable cover can make keeping it clean as simple as regular washes.

5Keep Clean on the Road

If you’re planning to travel with your dog in the car, groom your pup before you leave to reduce messiness in the car. Also while you are packing your toothbrush, don’t forget to pack dental treats for your furry family member as well.

“Oral care treats such as Greenies Dental Treats or Pedigree Dentastix Treats not only help freshen breath, but they also help clean your dog’s teeth and gums,” Ward said. “They’re great to have on hand whenever traveling with your pets.”

Find more information and tips for your pets oral care needs at greenies.com.

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