7 Steps to Better Security Online


These Seven Tips Can Help You Create a More Secure Environment that Protects You From Online Attacks.

Virtually no one would park a car in a busy area, leave the keys in the ignition, roll the windows down and walk away. Yet many people who would take precautions to protect their vehicles leave access to their personal and financial information wide open. In this digital era, it pays to be just as diligent when it comes to virtual properties as it does physical ones.

1Make Your Device a Fortress

Cyber Security for your Mobile Device

Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop or mobile phone, taking proper precautions to safeguard the device itself is your first line of defense. Use reliable internet security software, apply firewalls, block pop-ups and prevent sites from logging your location. Make it a habit to log out of websites and regularly delete your history and cookies, especially if you’re using a public system or one that others access regularly.



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