You Are The Best Book

The book “You’re the Best” tells the story of eight-year-old Eric.

Eric’s friends convince him to join the neighborhood football team. Eric is not really interested, but he is still taking part in training for the Neighborhood League Championship.

Unfortunately, Eric is messing up the important league game, and because of him the whole team is losing. The friends stare at him accusingly, blaming him for the terrible failure, and Erik doesn’t know how to appease them. Finally, he leaves the field, alone, sad and miserable, and on his way to the park he meets a group of musicians who had come to perform.

What happens between Eric and the musicians? Will Eric’s friends forgive him for the embarrassing defeat? Will Eric continue to play football? Read the book and find answers to your questions.

The book “You’re the Best” is one of the “The Best Point – Here and Now” series. The books in the series are intended for children aged 6-10, but can also be suitable for older children and adults. The books were written with the intention of bringing about an improved world – within ourselves, within our families, between our friends and ourselves, and the environment in which we live.

Goodness can be found only if we know how to observe, see, and discover.

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The book was written by SIMKA – teacher, educator, curriculum writer, trainer, and text and language editor.

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