Can you Score a Perfect 10 out of 10 on Our Fruity Knowledge Quiz?


Can you Score a Perfect 10 out of 10 on Our Fruity Knowledge Quiz?

Can you Score a Perfect 10 out of 10 on Our Fruity Knowledge Quiz| Family Life Tips Magazine

Test Your Knowledge About Fruit by taking our Fun Fruity Knowledge Quiz. Share with your friends and family to see what score they get on our fantastic food quiz.

Can you Score a Perfect 10 out of 10 on Our Fruity Knowledge Quiz?

Question 1 of 10.

What country does the kiwi fruit originate from?

1. United States
2. New Zealand
3. China

Many folks mistakenly associate the kiwi with New Zealand. However, its original roots are actually in China. The kiwifruit is active native to the Yangtze River valley of northern China and Zhejiang Province on the coast of eastern China. It was missionaries that brought with them the seeds of the kiwi to New Zealand where the fruit prospered.

Question 2 of 10.

Pineapples are made up of many berries in a group that are fused to the central stalk, which makes up the fruit.

1. True
2. False

The pineapple is actually not a single fruit, but it is in-fact a group of berries that are fused to the central stalk that makes up the fruit.

Question 3 of 10.

Is the tomato a vegetable or is it a fruit?

1. WTH...Vegetable, of Course!
2. Fruit

Let the fact be known that in 1893, the Supreme Court ruled that the tomato must be considered a vegetable, even though, botanically, it is a fruit. So, there is some fruit knowledge for your to dwell on. 🙂

Question 4 of 10.

Avocados are the fattiest fruit on earth?

1. True
2. False

It's a fact that the avocado actually contains more fat than any other fruit or vegetable on earth. So, chew on that the next time you eat an avocado!

Question 5 of 10.

Potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes are all members of the poisonous nightshades family?

1. True
2. False

They sure are! Potatoes, eggplants and tomatoes are all in the dangerous nightshades family. Which makes them all poisonous aside from the part we actually eat.

Question 6 of 10.

How many different varieties of apples are there in the world?

1. 100
2. 1,500
3. 7,000
4. 10,000

There are around 7,000 various varieties of apples on the planet, according to Cook's Wisdom, so regardless of whether you attempted to eat a different variety of apple consistently each day it would take you about 20 years to eat an apple from each variety currently available.

Question 7 of 10.

Blackberries and strawberries are not really berries?

1. True
2. False

Yup, for sure! Blackberries and strawberries are not actually berries. Both are excluded from the botanical definition thus making them not berries after-all. More Info

Question 8 of 10.

Where does pineapple originate from?

1. Jamaica
2. Hawaii
3. South America

Like so many other foods, the pineapple's exact origins are yet to be fully determined. That being said, many food experts and scientists agree that the pineapple originates from South America.

Question 9 of 10.

Almond's are not actually nuts. But, a fruit.

1. True
2. False, Duh!

Hey, we didn't make this stuff up! The Almond is not actually a nut, but it is, in fact, a member of the peach family. Almonds are part of the stone fruit family. Which encompasses trees and shrubs that produce edible fruit. For example cherries, plums, peaches, and nectarines are all stone fruit. More on this topic.

Question 10 of 10.

Is Pumpkin a Fruit or Vegetable?

1. Fruit
2. Def, a Vegetable

Pumpkin is really a Fruit. Well, more considerably its classified as a berry along with watermelons. Because pumpkins and watermelons contain seeds, they're technically fruits. More Info.

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Can you Score a Perfect 10 out of 10 on Our Fruity Knowledge Quiz?

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