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Activities for Dads & Kids

Explore our list of family friendly activities for dads & kids. These fun activities will help you build trust, strengthen bonds, builder better communication, all while spending quality time together.

Volunteering at local shelters and community centers are countless ways to give back within your community - Family Life Tips Magazine

Active Community Assistance

5 helpful ways to lend a Helping-Hand in your Community   Social responsibility comes in all shapes and sizes, but ultimately it comes down to one...
Prioritize a “less-is-more” lifestyle by making smart swaps

Simplify Your Lifestyle this Summer

From backyard barbecues and trips to the beach to baseball games and swim meets, summer is all about family fun. It’s also an ideal...
5 Ways to Inspire After-School Playtime

5 Ways to Inspire After-School Playtime

Filling the hours between the final bell of the school day and bedtime isn’t always easy, and if you’re like most parents, the search...
Family time, can serve as an escape from the demands of daily life

Spending Time Together

With work, school, homework, after school activities, friends and more, there are countless activities that compete for time on the family calendar. Family time,...
Youth programs encourage leadership, future goals

When Fun Fulfills a Purpose

Parents know there is a small window of time to make a meaningful, positive impact on children and shape who they may become as...
Easter Eggs to Dye For

Easter Eggs to Dye For

Create custom Easter egg colors you won't find in a kit. Use this guide, along with food color, vinegar, and hot water, to make...
Cook up some holiday treats this season

Bake Up Holiday Memories

For many families, the holidays are all about getting together to share old traditions that take place in the kitchen. From rolling out sheets of...
Banana Cereal

Kid-Friendly Snacks to Nourish Mind and Tummy

Parents don't often encourage their children to play with their food. However, when snack time offers the opportunity to nourish both the body and...
Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Thank dad for all the love and support he has given over the years by gifting him something unexpected and special for Father's Day....
Building Bonds between Dads and Kids

Building Bonds between Dads and Kids

For many adults, the times spent with their fathers are among their most treasured memories. However, today as many as one in three children...
Winning Treats to Please Kids and Adults this Easter

Winning Treats to Please Kids and Adults this Easter

When you think of Easter goodies there's a good chance the flavorful jelly bean comes to mind - a big hit with kids young...
Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Treats

Bite-Sized Valentine’s Day Treats Get to the Heart of the Holiday

Nothing says "I love you" on Valentine's Day more than heart-shaped, homemade treats. This year, try individual treats to make each gift recipient feel...
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