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Looking for fruit recipes? Family Life Tips has sweet and savory fruit recipes that will have your family begging for you to cook more with fruit. Get inspired by tasty fruit recipes, healthy fruit recipe ideas, and how-to cook with fruit recipes.

Recipe: Tempting Cherry Bruschetta Recipe | Family Life Tips Magazine

Recipe: Tempting Cherry Bruschetta

Kick off your summer patio party with this quick and refreshing tempting cherry bruschetta. Crispy toasted flavor packed bread rubbed with olive oil, garlic, and...
Recipe: Easy Summer Thirst Quencher – Watermelon-Infused Water

Recipe: Easy Summer Thirst Quencher – Watermelon-Infused Water

Try This Sweet, Refreshing Summer Fruit Infused-Water There’s no time like a hot summer picnic to let your patriotic spirit show. This cool and refreshing...
Pumpkin Prosciutto Stackers | Family Life Tips

Fall for a Flavorful Cheese Board

Some of the most beloved flavors are inspired during the fall, and there are few better ways to enjoy the season’s best than with...
Grape Recipes: Vegetarian Poke Bowl

Grape Recipes: Vegetarian Poke Bowl

Grapes are a heart-healthy food and can be used as an ingredient to add fresh appeal, vibrant color and a light touch of sweetness...
How-to Eat Healthy & Well On-the-Go

How-to Eat Healthy & Well On-the-Go Recipes

Perfectly Portable Watermelon Recipes A packed schedule often leads to less meals around the table. Between balancing family, friends, work and activities, it can be...
Strawberry Peanut Butter Pie

Sweet Ways to Welcome Warmer Days

Warmer, longer days are made for quality time with friends and family. There’s no better way to cap off an afternoon in the sun than...
Grapes Simply Sweet Inspiration

Simply Sweet Inspiration

With California grapes as an ingredient, the possibilities are endless for trying new recipes in your kitchen. From breakfast parfaits to tasty appetizers, flavorful...
Grape and Goat Cheese Crostini Recipe | Family Life Tips

Grape Recipes that Make Excellent Entertaining Meals

Elegant ideas for a meal worth celebrating Delighting guests in unexpected ways is the hallmark of exceptional entertaining. With a little creative flair, you can...
Gingersnaps Recipe | Family Life Tips Magazine

Helpful Holiday Recipes for the Home Chef

With everything that goes into creating a full holiday menu for guests of different ages and palates, taking on that task can be a...
Slow Cooker Banana Cake Recipe | Family Life Tips

Holiday Guesting 101

If you manage to avoid hosting duties this holiday season, you may be dodging some of the hardest work, but remember that being a...
Watermelon rinds are good for serving cold beverages | Family Life Tips

Reserve the Rind: Creative Recipes for Watermelon Rinds

Watermelon rinds make for more than just attractive containers for serving cold dishes and beverages. The rind can also be used in creative, edible ways...
Maple Banana Bread Pancakes | Family Life Tips

Make it with Maple Breakfast Recipes

Autumn is the perfect time to fall in love with maple syrup. The caramelized flavor of syrup pairs well with other fall flavors, like apples,...
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