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Clean Heat: Stay Warmer with Clean Energy

Winter is a perfect time to think about renovations that bring coziness and warmth to your home.

For homeowners who live off the natural gas line, propane is an earth-friendly option that can reliably and efficiently deliver warmer air all season long.

“When homeowners upgrade to propane during a remodel, they transform a dream home to include comfort and performance with high-efficiency appliances that have low-carbon footprints,” said Susan Kadilak, owner of Kadilak Homes, a construction, renovation and interior design firm. “Not only do families stay warmer with propane, they can feel better doing so because it’s clean energy.”

If you’re considering upgrades to bring more warmth to your home, start with these tips from Kadilak Homes and the Propane Education & Research Council:

  • Do your research. Talk with your contractor about what you’re wanting to accomplish. Your local propane supplier is also equipped to help you navigate questions and find the right solution for your home.
  • Think cozy. If your electric furnace is struggling to keep a room warm, consider upgrading to a propane furnace to get to your desired temperature more efficiently. Propane furnaces blow hotter air, which is more comfortable than the below-body-temperature air electric heat pumps produce. Propane furnaces also emit up to 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric furnaces, according to the 2018 Gas Technology Institute Report, so you can feel good about your impact on the environment.
  • Make your home more efficient. As homes age, small cracks can develop around doors and windows and let cold air inside your home or allow warm air to escape. If the seals around the windows and doors are damaged, invest a few minutes to replace them and spend time caulking gaps. When your home is well-insulated, propane can efficiently keep your home toasty during chilly winter months.

Some of the most common clean energy heating upgrades homeowners request include fireplaces, furnaces and boilers.


A roaring fire can be a focal point during the cold winter months. With 5-6 times the heating capacity of electric fireplaces, propane fireplaces are more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, convenient to use and easier to install than wood-burning models, Kadilak said. Some parts of the United States are banning wood-burning fireplaces due to their negative effects on the environment. Propane-powered fireplaces are an alternative that emit less soot and other air-polluting emissions. You can enjoy a toasty fire at the flip of a switch with no ash or soot to clean up and no firewood to store. Many models can also operate during electrical power outages, providing a critical source of heat to the home.


There can be a bone-chilling feeling when the furnace goes out in the middle of a cold winter. If your furnace is blowing cold air – or no air at all – it’s time for an upgrade. Before you buy, know propane-powered furnaces have 50% longer lifespans than electric heat pumps, which reduces their overall lifetime cost for homeowners. Propane furnaces also provide warmer air than other heat sources, at 120-140 F.


While furnaces rely on forced warm air to heat dwellings, boilers use hot water or steam to raise temperatures in homes. High-efficiency propane boilers offer performance, space savings and the versatility to provide heating, hot water and snow melting. This versatility also extends to the type of heating delivery system propane boilers serve, including hydronic baseboard systems, in-floor hydronic systems or forced-air systems where the hot water from the boiler (instead of a furnace) acts as the heat source.

Learn how propane can help keep your home cozy, including where you can find a propane supplier in your area, at propane.com/KadilakFireplaces.


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