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Health & FitnessDental Wellness is a must for Pregnant Mothers and their Children

Dental Wellness is a must for Pregnant Mothers and their Children

Adequate dental care is a must for a pregnant mother’s health as well as for the child in her womb


Making sure that your unborn child’s teeth will be healthy entails that you take good care of your health and never take your dental health for granted. This entails regular brushing and flossing to eliminate plaque, observing a healthy diet while avoiding starchy and fatty food and most importantly, visiting your dentist as required.


The teeth of infants develop a few months before they are born, between the fifth or sixth week of gestation is the time when babie’s tooth buds appear and during the time between the third to six months while baby is in the womb, the tooth crowns start forming. The baby’s jawbone already holds the 20 primary or baby teeth once his mother welcomes him in this world. Until the teething stage arrives, the baby’s teeth will be hidden inside the gums even if these are already complete.


To make sure that the unborn child’s teeth develops properly will require his mother to have adequate amounts of nutrients such as calcium and phosphorous. A balanced nutrition lets you have enough of these vitamins and minerals for both you and the child in your womb. The belief that babies in the womb use the calcium from their mothers’ teeth for their own health needs is not really true. Follow your physician’s recommendations about diet during pregnancy, since he or she is familiar with your specific needs.


There is no truth to the myth that a tooth is lost for every pregnancy. Pregnant women suffer from tooth decay when they take their dental health for granted and eat too much sugary food. Gingivitis or inflamed gums is more probable during pregnancy than tooth decay. This condition called pregnancy gingivitis is the repercussion of increased levels of hormones among pregnant ladies. The plaque under the gum line affect the gums and makes it react violently due to this hormonal increase. Gum inflammation among pregnant women can be avoided by regular dental health check ups as well as  dental cleaning despite hormonal levels.


While pregnant, it is still very safe to have the most dental attention or treatments. Ask your dentist to schedule a needed dental treatment between the fourth to sixth month of pregnancy. Being on their first months as pregnant women makes them feel nervous, anxious or nauseated. After an extended period of time, pregnant women find it less comfortable sitting on a dental chair. For these reasons, the second trimester is often the best time to receive treatment.


Dental x-rays are important diagnostic tools that help your dentist detect decay and other problems that may not be apparent in a visual inspection. When you consistently received dental care before getting pregnant, you may not have to go through an x-ray exam during your pregnancy. The need for an x-ray will be fine but with some safety measures for the woman, like making her wear a lead apron to protect the fetus and her womb, making sure that a narrow beam will be used and lastly, making certain that the exposure to radiation will not be that long. With the proper dental care and nutritious diet, you can ensure healthy teeth for your child and less dental problems for the both of you in the future.


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