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Finding the best dog crate for your puppy or dog should not be a hard task. However, you must pay attention to many factors when choosing the proper dog crate for your dog or puppy.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is will the dog crate fits your dog or puppy’s needs for comfort and size.

Most dog crate manufacturers provide a fairly decent guide that suggests the correct size dog crate to get for each breed or size of the dog. You should pay close attention to these guidelines, as they are usually very accurate and you following their recommendations is generally the best practice.

When choosing a dog crate it is usually best to get the correct size of dog crate for your dog or puppy so that there is plenty of room yet the dog crate is not overly large. Crates that are too large for your dog or puppy can be very unsafe, especially if you are planning to travel with your dog or puppy in your car or truck. The more space there is in the dog crate, the more of a chance that your dog or puppy could be tossed around and be injured if you were to make a sudden turn or stop to avoid any accidents while driving in heavy traffic. If you are using the dog crate for house training a puppy, extra space would allow the dog or puppy the ability to poop in his crate which would defeat the purpose of using the crate for house training. However, if you’re simply planning to use the dog crate for allowing your dog or puppy a safe and calm place for sleeping at night, using a dog crate is a perfect idea.


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