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    Family Match is a web service, which is developed keeping in mind the need for a family for another family’s company.

    Family Match is like other dating apps which let you choose a partner of your choice. We understand how much it is important for families to find another family to hang out with. Whether you move to a new place or families in your current area are not compatible with you. This is a place for you to find what you need.

    Our aim: FamilyMatch is currently under development. It is the world’s first family matching site. The aim of this site is to improve the quality of your social life. It can show you matches from your nearest area. It will find you a family where you and your child will find making yourself meaningful bonds.

    Who is this site for: This service is for everyone. Whether you are a single parent, a couple or a family with many children. This site helps your kid under 13 to find suitable families to socialize with. Military families who are frequently travelling and families who home school their children can get the most use out of it.

    FamilyMatch solves so many problems for your family. Sometimes kids get along but the parents do not and sometimes parents get along but the kids do not. Solution of this problem is also the FamilyMatch. FamilyMatch let you choose from many different families.

    There is no limit of options here. There are thousands of families waiting to be found which will turn out to be the perfect match for you. We understand when you and your family feel isolated even when there are so many people around you. This isolation comes from the feeling that there is nothing common between you and people around you.

    With technology developing so fast and people engaging with them more and more, people and families are being disconnected even from their own family. Technology in this reference is not bad in itself but there must be consistent development of tools which bring in positive changes in people’s lives. FamilyMatch helps you meet new families and find playdates for your kids.

    A prototype of this site will be ready within 60 days after the kickstart campaign ends. We have come to Kickstarter to gain support. To market the product and developing the app we need funds.



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