Five Tips to Help Busy Families Be Unstoppable
Five Tips to Help Busy Families Be Unstoppable

When the whole family is on the go, it’s important to try to maximize time spent together as much as possible.


Olympic gold medal figure skater and mom of two Kristi Yamaguchi knows how to be unstoppable – both on and off the ice – and has developed some tips to help balance daily life and family life.


Below, she shares five tips to keep unstoppable families going:

1. I teach my kids that they can accomplish anything with practice and perseverance, which is the recurring theme in my two children’s books: It’s a Big World, Little Pig and Dream Big, Little Pig.

2. Mornings are an especially hectic time for my family, so I try to get as much done the night before as possible. I lay out outfits, pack book bags and duffel bags for after-school practices and pack lunches and snacks with Smucker’s Uncrustables reduced sugar peanut butter and grape spread sandwiches on whole wheat bread. Uncrustables sandwiches are perfectly portable and provide my girls with that homemade pb&j taste they love no matter where we are!

3. I also create a regular after-school routine for my children. When my girls get home from school or practice, they have a snack and then complete their homework for the next day. Not only does this help us stay focused on what needs to get done, but it also frees up the evening for quality family time.

4. The weekends are a particularly busy time for us. Between attending soccer games and dance recitals, there isn’t much time to run errands. That’s why I try to maximize my trips during the week. Instead of heading to the grocery store or post office on Saturday,I plan my trips to coincide with dropping my girls off at school or on the way home from practice. Less time running errands means more time at home playing board games or reading with my family.


5. I try to show my support in fun and unique ways that give my children the encouragement they need to tackle anything that comes their way. Some of my favorite ideas include placing a good luck note in a lunchbox before a big test, creating a congratulatory sign for winning the game, or preparing a favorite meal after a stellar performance.

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