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[Our Magazine] welcomes writing, artwork, photography, event notices and news releases from novice to expert guest bloggers. [Our Magazine] is a digital online magazine dedicated to covering the people, sports, activities, and artisans of [state]. We offer many freelance writers and other freelance bloggers a chance to share their stories with our readers by guest blogging. We’re always interested in new authors and their ideas. In particular, we look for articles on new faces (interesting people around the state), events, national and regional news of interest to our readership, informative seasonal pieces, as well as engaging profile stories of those creating artisans history.


Please use the form below to submit your article or story to us. Once you have submitted your materials. One of our editors will review it for possible inclusion into the [Our Magazine] Online.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to use the contact us form to reach us directly.

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