Student Must-haves for Lockers and Backpacks

Rushing out the door for another busy day of hitting the books can mean important things get left behind. Keeping a ready supply of everyday essentials in a backpack or locker can help ease the stress of a forgotten item.

Whether it’s rehearsing for the school play, gearing up for athletic practices or just spending time after class with friends, teens seem to always be on the go. In order for teens to focus on their fun extracurricular activities, rather than the stresses of remembering everything they need, it’s important to keep a few items on-hand.

Be prepared for whatever a busy school day may bring by stocking up on these necessities:

Backup school supplies. You may have a favorite pen that you use every day, but if it goes missing, be sure you’re still prepared for class with a ready stash of extras. Same goes for note-taking paper in case you leave a notebook at home. Take inventory of the things you use every day and add an extra just in case something goes missing or gets left behind.

Personal care essentials. There are few things worse to realize you forgot than hygiene supplies. Keep a backup supply of items like deodorant available for days when you really need them. It’s also a good idea to keep a brush or comb handy. If you’re prone to oil, some dry shampoo can help, and for longer locks, don’t forget extra elastic ties.

Spot treatment. Acne seems to make its appearance on its own time, and it’s never a good time. With solutions like the OXY On-The-Go Acne Stick, there’s no need to waste precious minutes on treatment. The stick is conveniently packaged in a slim, solid form, so it provides a portable, bathroom-free solution that can easily be placed in a small bag or backpack. Because it goes on clear via a handy mess-free applicator, you can spot-treat at any time. Learn more at

Organization apps. Whether you’re more of a write-it-down or key-it-in person, keeping track of the details in your life can help you be sure you stay on track with practice schedules, homework deadlines and other important information. You probably never leave your phone too far behind, but try and occasionally use it in a productive manner with an app you’ll easily remember to update.

Spare change. A small stash of cash (say $5) is a good idea to keep on hand for any number of after-school activities. It could also certainly come in handy for a minor “emergency,” like forgotten lunch money or leaving your water bottle at home.

Forgetting things on a busy morning is bound to happen, but if you prepare for the inevitable you can keep a simple mistake from ruining the day.

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