Family BuzzHow to toilet train your baby by the age of 18 months...

How to toilet train your baby by the age of 18 months by building the bond with them!

Today`s post is slightly different than our usual one and it`s, in fact, a book review.

If you are a parent or a parent to be you probably have a million questions about how to raise your baby.  These days the internet is full of confusing information. It`s often a decision-making process which can be very overwhelming.

Believe or not there is a real trend out there going back to the basic of bringing up the child and letting them develop their independence from the very young age. There are more people praising this method of parenthood and if you want to avoid many hardships it`s a good idea to explore them.

One of the recent publications that I had a chance to read was the Wise Parenting Secrets nappy and potty-training guide. I was a bit reluctant to purchase it as it seems to be fairly new to the market which is already flooded with plenty of these sorts of books, but it came recommended from a friend.

Wise Parenting Secrets: Nappy & Potty Training Guide Kindle Edition
Wise Parenting Secrets: Nappy & Potty Training Guide Kindle Edition – Available on Amazon.

This book not only teaches you how to toilet train your baby but also how to build a real bond with them.

I was shocked to learn that the average age of the potty-trained baby in the 1950`s was 18 months, and now most of the parents / literature claims that it`s impossible.  I went on to explore this idea and learned so much more, about this concept.

You are given very good guidance why, when and how to potty train early and what are the benefits of it. I was surprised to learn that in fact, potty training age can have a major influence not only on your baby`s independence but also their intellectual and physical development.

In a way, I would like to become an advocate of this book, as it can really change your life. As a parent, I`m constantly stressed about the choices and decisions I make, and I always want to make sure that they are supported by reliable information. This time I feel assured that the best way to go when raising my child is to build the bond.

Building this bond is such a basic concept which in theory every parent should be aware, but surprisingly for me, potty training guide was an eye-opener in this area.

As I don`t feel comfortable quoting the book as it`s someone else’s work you can see some of the reasons and benefits of an early potty training on Wise Parenting Secrets blog.


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In an over-designed world that is full of conflicting information on the topic of "Potty Training." Wise Parenting Secrets has set out to get concerned parents back on track with potty training the right way by addressing and re-discovering forgotten potty training techniques. Don't be compelled to settle, adapt and learn fundamental techniques that work for potty training and forge forward creating a bond with your little one that will help set them on track record for success in life.How to toilet train your baby by the age of 18 months by building the bond with them!