New to Motherhood? There’s an App for that!
New to Motherhood? There’s an App for that!

New moms should consider the following apps as they gear up to bring an infant home or focus on those first few months with their little one.


All of these apps are free, user-friendly and ready to make motherhood easier:


* Similac StrongMoms Baby Journal app – This app allows moms to easily track feedings, diapering, growth and sleeping patterns. Moms can even email reports to the pediatrician. Read more about the features of this app at


* Grocery iQ – With Grocery iQ, simply scan the barcodes of products in the kitchen that need to be replenished and they’re automatically added to the list. Once complete, the list can be synchronized with other devices, so when mom is home with baby, dad can feel confident he’s picking up the right stuff. To read more, visit


* Calorie Counter by My Net Diary – The Calorie Counter app avoids fad dieting and helps tailor a diet to mom’s personal preferences, giving her a better chance for long-term success. Check out this app at


* Dinner Spinner – With the AllRecipes Dinner Spinner app, simply plug in the ingredients available on hand and a variety of recipes will appear to take the guesswork out of mealtime. Visit to check it out.
Stocking up on these apps before baby arrives can alleviate some of mom’s stress as she adjusts to the wonderful chaos that her infant will bring.
For more information on the Similac Baby Journal app, visit


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