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Product ReviewsReview: The Falcon Bike Light by Bright-Cycle

Review: The Falcon Bike Light by Bright-Cycle

The Bright Cycle™ Falcon is an Ultra Bright LED Bike Light that makes biking at night more than an adventure it turns it into an enlightening experience.


When it comes to Front Bike Lights for biking the Falcon from Bright Cycle has everything you need and more all for a price that your wallet can be happy with. However, we have found that not only does this light work for your cycling needs. But, it pulls double duty, as a Highly Effective Safety Flashlight. Not only can the Falcon light up the night. But, this handy little light can be your life saver.


The Falcon comes with Five light modes that put you in control of the light intensity, so you have the right amount of light for all your cycling situations.



  • Very bright (adjustable brightness).
  • 5 light modes. Includes – (Lo/Med/Hi/Strobe/SOS)
  • Rechargeable Battery & Wall Charger Included.
  • User-replaceable rechargeable Li-ion Battery.
  • Disposal Battery holder – holds 3 AAA batteries. Great feature for allowing for a back-up battery option in-case your rechargeable battery drains out.
  • Very decent run times on a fully charged supplied Li-ion Battery.
  • Unique steady-flash pattern: the light stays in steady-burn mode, but pulses off and on. This is a nice feature for grabbing a busy drivers’ attention.
  • Day flash – A strobe-flash with high-intensity flashes that are designed to be visible and attention grabbing in daylight.
  • Excellent beam spread: the Falcon throws light pretty far. The light spread is good. Plus, with the added option to twist the lights front-end you can dial-in a beam spread suited for your cycling needs. So you don’t get stuck with a tunnel effect from too much light being puddled in one place like most lights on the market today.
  • Outstanding Side-visibility – Falcon is a be-seen light. The side-visibility of this light is excellent. Plenty of light spills out so that you can safely ride in confidence at night.
  • Sturdy light housing and decent overall weight.
  • Rotatable Light Mount – Nice feature offering the ability to turn and position the light for viewing down other trails or for light aid for curves and such. Light attaches and removes easily from mount.
  • Doubles as a Highly Effective Safety Flashlight.
  • 90 Day Moneyback Guarantee & 10 Year Warranty.


  • A one-size fits some/most mounting bracket.

    The mount: the mount is somewhat flexible made of a semi-pliable plastic. There is a small plastic space clip provide. This plastic space clip can be used to adjust the tightness of the mount to the handlebars. (An Easy Fix: We suggest – That you visit a hardware store and acquire a small piece of the same type of material in a thickness that would best suit your needs to allow for you to have a nicely snug fit for the mount to your bike setup.)

  • Open Assessable charging port – The battery recharging port is positioned on the bottom of the lights barrel. The issue, we had is that the charging port is equipped with a light-weight plastic cover that is meant to be inserted into the charging port. The plastic cover often falls out and leaves the charging port exposed to road debris such as, sand, dirt, water, etc. We envision this entry for debris could cause damage and possible failure of the charging ports ability.


The Bright Cycle Falcon has more benefits and features than many of the bike lights on the market today, and this makes it one of our favorites. It’s a comfortable size for cycling and if you need to take it off the bike mount and use it as a hand-held light – it works excellently! Complete with a total of 5 light modes, excellent beam-spread, and outstanding side-visibility light makes the Bright Cycle Falcon a great bike light for riding at night on city streets, rural or remote areas, and is a great value being priced at only – $35.10 on Amazon at time of this review.


Buy the Bright-Cycle Falcon on Amazon.




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