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Health & FitnessSimple Self-Care Tips You'll Love

Simple Self-Care Tips You’ll Love

When easing into a new year, many experts encourage more self-care.

From paying more attention to your mental health to pampering yourself from head to toe, now is the perfect time to start showing yourself a little extra love.


Make Time to Decompress

Self-Care Begins With Taking Time for Yourself - Family Life TipsThe past year shows that every rose comes with thorns, like working from home or legitimately needing to shop online. Managing a work-home balance may be harder than ever and late deliveries can make those online orders a real headache. Add the challenge of staying healthy, less social interaction, and worries about the economy and stress is probably a constant in many lives. That’s why it’s important to take a step back and unwind. Lock yourself away for 30 minutes of quiet time so you can let those stress endorphins settle down. Read a book, listen to music, meditate or simply be, without interruptions or demands.


Keep up Familiar Routines

Mom and Baby Bond Time - Sleep Trainer - Family Life TipsEven if you’re sticking closer to home, skipping your normal beauty routines can throw you off your game. Make it a point to get dressed and ready for a day as if you’re planning to be out and about. Looking your best can translate into feeling your best, and it means you’re ready for a surprise video call or a days-late delivery you weren’t expecting.


Give Special Care to Your “sole-mates.” Your Feet

Give Special Care to Your sole-mates Your Feet - Family Life TipsThey may not be at the top of your beauty regime, but your feet are the toughest, hardest-working part of your body. Because they take you everywhere, when you show your feet the love they deserve, it shows and can help you feel better literally from head to toe. Even if you’re not comfortable going back to the salon just yet, you don’t have to sacrifice self-care. For example, the Amope foot care line is easy to use at home so you can get long-lasting hydration and visible results. An option like the Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File uses finely ground diamond crystals to smooth hard skin effortlessly, and you can wrap up your home pedicure with coconut oil-enriched PediMasks that leave your feet soft, smooth, and nourished in just 20 minutes.

Maintain Social Connections

If You Maintain A Childlike Wonder Age is Just a Number - Family Lift TipsContact with friends and family outside your home may look different than it has in the past but nurturing those relationships can be an important aspect of self-care. Regular contact with loved ones, even if it’s just by text, phone, or video, can help curb loneliness, reduce boredom and lift your spirits.

Set Goals and Start Chasing Them

Believe In Yourself and Set Healthy Goals - Family Life TipsIf you feel like time is standing still, you’re not alone. However, setting goals and working toward them can help you feel more productive and accomplished. You may be surprised what you can achieve, from starting a new fitness routine or learning a new language to finally organizing an overrun closet.

Put yourself at the center of your love story and find more ideas for satisfying self-care at amope.com.

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