SnapAR App: A Fun, Meaningful Way of Communicating with Family


The SnapAR app makes it easy stay connected with families and friends in the digital age.

With everything we have going on in our daily lives many of us still find it hard staying in-touch even with technology – that’s why you need the SnapAR App!


The talented team of software engineers at Driven Catalyst Team saw how challenging it was for families and friends to stay connected. So, the company set out to revolutionize what it meant to preserve meaningful relationships through the aid of technology. So, they created, SnapAR.

SnapAR is a wonderful new Apple iOS App that allows you to connect and maintain meaningful relationships with the ones you love. SnapAR helps you accomplish this task by allowing you to record and send “Personal Hologram Messages.” Yes, that’s correct! With SnapAR technology it doesn’t matter whether your just around the block from each other or half-way around the world you now have a more meaningful, creative way to stay connected with the ones you love.

The SnapAR App by Driven Catalyst is an incredibly easy and fun app to use when trying to stay in-touch with each other. The SnapAR app has been programed with the technology allowing you to send your very own “Personal Hologram Messages” to others! Its so simple and easy to us.

SnapAR makes all this magic happen by using Augmented Reality (AR). This allows you to use the SnapAR App to connect with friends and family in a new and meaningful ways. Everything you need to start sharing your AR holograms has been built right into the app. The SnapAR app allows support for sharing of your holograms via text message, or you can use your favorite messaging service; all this is simply done from within the app. So, once you’ve downloaded and installed the app you are ready to start recording and sending anyone your holograms.

Here’s all you need to do to start enjoying more meaningful messaging with SnapAR:

  1. Download and Install the App for iOS from the Apple App Store – App Store Link –
  2. Record your hologram video message using the SnapAR app.
  3. Send your recorded SnapAR hologram to friends and family and appear as if you were right there in their home!
  4. SnapAR comes complete with one theme. More themes like: Magic Mirror, HoloBot,
    Halloween, Unicorn, Birthday, and Beach can be purchased via in-app purchasing for only $.99 each. Newly purchased themes can be applied and used right after the purchase.

More details about the SnapAR App

SnapAR App Store Link –

Learn more about the app on their website –

Now let’s all start to celebrate our ability to send more meaningful messages to family and friends using the SnapAR App and forget about those old ‘boring’ ways of digital communications. ????


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