Stay Fresh Throughout Your Day
Stay Fresh Throughout Your Day

When walking into a meeting, or making a new acquaintance, the last thing you want to worry about is not looking your best.


Here are some tips to help you look great throughout the day.


Mid-day Mirror Check

* Touch-up. Often in the course of the morning, makeup can rub off or smear. Do a check in the mirror to reapply concealer or mascara.
* Post-lunch. Before you re-apply lip product, freshen up your mouth. On-the-go products such as the Colgate(r) Wisp(r) mini-brushes are perfect for a quick brushing that will keep your mouth clean and fresh, no rinsing required.
* Re-apply. Take an opportunity to re-apply perfume or cologne in the afternoon. Remember to be mindful of those with whom you share office space.
* Re-style. Combing or brushing your locks can help re-set your hairstyle.
Before the Big Pitch
* Straighten. Make sure to check your attire. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup suit or outfit in the office in the event of a coffee collision.
* Stash. Keep a supply of travel-sized personal care products in a drawer at the office.
* Freshen. A clean mouth is important for making a good impression. Post-coffee or following lunch, consider using a Colgate(r) Wisp(r) for a convenient brush to refresh your mouth.


These tips will help you feel confident, whether you’re presenting during a meeting or heading to a date straight from the office. For more information on the Colgate(r) Wisp(r), visit


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