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Top 10 Educational Technologies All New and Aspiring Teachers Must Know 2019!

1. Smart Notebook software

Smart Notebook software powers the widely popular SmartBoards used across the United States, and in most NYCDOE classrooms. A smart Notebook is a presentation software with a familiar interface. It looks very similar to PowerPoint, and Google Slides. However, it implements many of the SmartBoards specific features with touch functionalities. Most NYCDOE and other schools will expect all new teachers to be familiar with the Notebook software, according to our research. Try for free at express.smarttech.com.

2. ActivInspire software

The ActivInspire software is the second in our list because every public school in NYC and most across the nation have some sort of interactive display power by software such as Notebook, and this one. Therefore, it imperative that you make yourself familiar with this list of tools. ActivInspire is a presentation software used in the ActivePanels by the Promethean Company. Many schools used these boards, and every school that uses this software will expect you to be ready to go!

3. Chromebooks

Chromebooks are laptop powered by the Google Chrome operating system. These laptops are very different from Macs, and Microsoft Windows computers. For instance, Macs, and Windows do not need an internet connection to function, such as using Word, or Apple’s Final Cut Pro. However, Chromebooks must be connected to the internet to offer all its features. In essence, Chromebooks are Google Chrome in a laptop; everything runs within the browser. To become familiar with these machines, you should become familiar with Google Chrome’s internet browser, or purchase a Chromebook which is affordable, and extremely popular across the k-12, and NYCDOE classroom.

4. Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processing software. Very similar to Microsoft Word, without some advanced functionalities. Additionally, Google Docs, offered free and used by most K-12 schools throughout the United States. Google Docs is very simple, and easy to learn it works in the browser just like using Facebook in Chrome, or Safari, with automatic saving, and sharing functionalities.

5. Google Slides

Google Slides is very similar to PowerPoint, both presentation software. Google slides just like every other G Suite program, is cloud-based, which means it works within the internet browser much like Facebook, or any other website. It offers robust collaboration functionalists, automatic saving, and many more teacher-centric features.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive brings all G Suite programs together. Drive is just like Dropbox, or iCloud. It allows users to save their files into cloud storage. Therefore, every time users use Google Docs, Slides, or other G Suite programs all their information is it saved automatically into Google Drive, including files shared with you. For instance, when you type a document in Docs using your @schoolprovidedemailaccount, you can later sign in using that account on any other internet connected device to access your file. The same applies when another user shares a file with you, you can, later on, go to “Shared with me” in Google Drive to access it and collaborate, simultaneously, or individually.

7. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the official platform of the NYCDOE. The NYCDOE relies on Office 365 for Outlook email, the Microsoft Office suite of programs from Word, to Excel. Once a new teacher is hired, teachers are assigned a unique @schools.nyc.gov email account. With this account, teachers can download all Microsoft Office programs free, and even get a 19% on their cell phone bills as of 03/2019.

8. MasteryConnect

MasteryConnect is an assessment tool developed for schools. Many NYCDOE schools use the software; while others use Google Sheets, considering it is free. MasteryConnect allows schools, and teachers, to input student data assessment from bubble sheets by simply taking a picture with the camera of a computer, cellphone, and other devices. Thus, the MC program analyzes and organize the data into three categories; Mastery, near Mastery, and Remediation, colored accordingly from Green to Red. Find it at masteryconnect.com.

9. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a web-based classroom management program. Dojo is arguably the most popular classroom management program for grades k-12. From our own experience within NYCDOE classrooms and our research, Dojo is the most robust, easy to use, while still offered free. I highly recommend this program to all new and aspiring teachers. You can use this program to communicate with parents without having to share your personal cell number. Additionally, Dojo messaging feature has Google Translate embed; thus every message received in any language other than English, the app will automatically be translated to English, and vice versa. This is very convenient for those looking to teach in NYCDOE schools, one of the most diverse and largest educational systems in the United States. Find it at Classdojo.com.

10. The NYCDOE Website

The NYCDOE website is the central hub for all teachers, paraprofessionals, and school staffs. The NYCDOE website’s link is Schools.nyc.gov. There you can navigate to the Payroll Portal to see your paystubs, check details, and submit salary upgrades. Additionally, using the website, you may go to the HR Connect section and request leave of absence, maternity leave, other Human Resources materials, and Q&A. The NYCDOE website offers an Intranet interface designed solely for NYCDOE signed in employees. Thus, most of the stuff on the website is only visible to appropriate staff members.


As a bonus I will offer you the top 3 best websites to find resources to use with your students.

A. Smart exchange offers teachers an array of resources. It offers lesson plans, unit plans, interactive slides, and full games to play on the smartboards, as additional resources for a lesson, educational in every aspect of course.

B. The second in our list would be teacherspayteachers.com. This website offers many free, and paid resources in anything imaginable for educators. Navigate to the to page and you will not regretted.

C. The last, but equally great is Wordcartoons.com. This website offers some of the most educational images available on the web. Many of the cartoons offered in this site are free downloads, Thus, teachers can either print, or immediately use with the smartboard or any other available interactive display.


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