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Family BuzzUnlock Amazing Savings with E-Z Ink™ Printer Cartridges

Unlock Amazing Savings with E-Z Ink™ Printer Cartridges

E-Z Ink™ was founded in 2007 in New York City. They are now an ink and toner cartridge industry leader.

Their success and consistent growth can be attributed to their continued commitment to their great services and the diverse supply of affordable products – they boast an amazing inventory of ink for over 70 different models of laser and inkjet printers.

Saving Money on Printer Cartridges with E-Z-Ink - Family Life Tips MagazineWhat Sets E-Z Ink™ apart from the competition?

There are a few things that make E-Z Ink different from other ink cartridge companies. The number one difference is reflected in the company’s motto – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle! They have created the best of both worlds in the ink cartridge market and their practices are both economical and environmentally friendly.

Another thing that sets them above the bar is the company’s meticulous attention to detail. New OEM cartridges – printer cartridges designed and built by the same manufacturer as your printer, though optimal for your printer can be extremely expensive. This is where E-Z Ink™ steps in. Their production facility is an ISO 9001-certified facility.

The staff is comprised of highly trained professionals. E-Z Ink™ takes great pride in ensuring every customer receives premium quality printer cartridges. Every cartridge is thoroughly restored, cleaned, and refilled using superior pigment or dye-based ink to guarantee professional clarity with each print – no matter the job!

To guarantee consistent performance throughout its life cycle, their team methodically tests every single cartridge before it is sent out so you can have peace of mind that your prints will stay crisp and clear throughout the life cycle of the cartridge.

Purchasing E-Z Ink products provides the customer with not only great savings; but quality reliable products for all their printing needs. E-Z Ink is so confident in their product that they provide a 2-year warranty against any product defects you encounter while using their cartridges.

The goal of E-Z Ink™ is to make printing easy and affordable for everyone from families printing out birthday party invitations to teachers, students, and doctors. Through their manufacturing and remanufacturing processes, they strive to utilize eco-friendly materials and techniques to help protect our environment.

E-Z Ink™ strives to produce user-friendly cartridges that make printing simple and accessible to everyone. There are so many benefits to choosing E-Z Ink for all your printing needs.


Printer Cartridges from E-Z-Ink - Family Life Tips Magazine

E-Z Ink™ Cares About the Customer


Customer Service –

E-Z Ink™ has amazing customer service to make your printer ink buying experience flawless. The website has a Help Center at https://www.ezink123.com/pages/help-faq This page contains Help, FAQ, Contact Us, and a troubleshooting page. This makes it extremely easy to get any possible questions answered quickly and efficiently.

Fast, Free Shipping –

E-Z Ink™ currently offers ONLY free standard shipping within the USA. They do not ship internationally. Some regions, states, and territories are not in the company’s shipping zone.

Orders placed during weekdays will ship within 1 business day, once an item has shipped an order confirmation will be sent to your email.

Shipping for E-Z Ink™ is provided by Amazon Fulfillment and USPS. Orders will usually arrive within 2 – 5 business days.

Product Guarantee and Warranty

All the E-Z Ink™ products are covered by a 2-year warranty against any product defects you might encounter while using the cartridges. The exception is the Polono branded products, the warranty for these products is 1 year.

Return Policy

E-Z Ink™ happily accepts all returns even if you realize that you chose the wrong cartridge or no longer need it. They do reserve the right to charge a restocking fee, however, this only applies to any used or opened items, or to any orders that are past their 60-day grace period. If at any time, there is a question about an order they are easily contacted via phone as well as email.

If a product is defective E-Z Ink™ will provide a return shipping label, the customer is responsible for the shipping on all other returns. All returned items will receive a refund or replacement if they are still sellable, this does not apply to defective items.

E-Z Ink™ won’t make you wait forever to get that refund or replacement either, this process will be done within 2-4 business days of them receiving the product. If an item does not need to be returned the refund or replacement will be completed within 1 business day.

Points Program – The best benefit that E-Z Ink offers is the points program! Points can be earned by customers in many ways. This program is as much about engagement as it is about selling products. Finally, a company has created a benefits program that makes it easier for customers to earn points, and the points program is more about the customer, and giving those customers a great buying experience.


What are some ways to earn Program Points?

  • Place an order through E-Z Ink
  • Become a new member & Log in daily
  • Visit the E-Z Ink Community page
  • Recycle your used ink cartridges
  • Following them on social media


What can the Program Points be used for?

  • Redeem Points for the exact ink or toner cartridge(s) you need.
  • Products, discount codes, or Amazon digital gift cards.
  • Spin on the Lucky Draw wheel
  • Check out the Points Program to learn more ways to earn points and how to redeem those points.


In Conclusion

E-Z Ink™ offers a wide variety of printer ink and toner cartridges, while also providing excellent customer service and many other benefits such as free shipping, product guarantee, and a great rewards program that offers customers the opportunity to earn points through various activities.

This makes them a great choice for all your printer ink needs. With their helpful troubleshooting page and reasonable prices, E-Z Ink™ provides customers with all the resources they need to get the most out of their printer cartridges. So why wait? Visit E-Z Ink™ today and start saving more on your printer ink costs!


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