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Living a life with any kind of impairment isn’t easy and J. Edwards Holt is someone who knows that very well. His is a story of success, freedom, confidence, self-belief, motivation, versatility, effort, and passion.

Life is never easy. However, keeping your head high in times of adversity is the key to survival. J. Edwards Holt’s story and career teaches us that.

Struggling with Tourette syndrome, Holt had a tough life. Talking, communicating, interacting and penning down thoughts were always difficult. However, what was consistent in these times was his passion to do something. Holt always wanted to be a writer and he never let his adversities come in the way of that.

Today, J. Edwards Holt, who reigns from North Carolina, US, has become a success story and is an author of 2 books. When asked who inspired his work, Holt cited authors such as C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia), J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter), and J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings).

A Story Of Passion, Drive And Success

Holt wanted to pursue teaching as a career but his passion of becoming a writer was always there and something he never dismissed. He eventually left teaching in order to become a writer.

With consistent self-belief, today, he has successfully written two books and hopes to write more in the years to come. His is a story of success, courage and life-lessons.

Being a writer of Young Adult fantasy novels, J. Edwards Holt published his first novel by the name of ‘Little Men, Big Treasures’. Available on Amazon, “Little Men Big Treasures” is about a dwarf who, in an aim to win the king’s reward for finding ‘The Lost Treasure of Undur’, leaves everything behind, against all odds, to find the lost treasure in the mysterious Mountain Realm. It is a book of dealing with criticism, of fighting against all odds, of being different and achieving what you put your mind to. It is also a reminder of Holt’s own story of struggles and overcoming those struggles.

A book of great enthusiasm, experiences, outstanding adventures and fun/laughs along the way, this is a tale close to Holt’s heart and one that has received incredible recognition worldwide.

In September, Holt released “The Summoner’s Gem”, which he says is the sequel to his first book, “Little Men, Big Treasures”. Not much can be said about “The Summoner’s Gem” without giving away spoilers, but if the success of his first book is any indication, Part 2 is sure to be a hit as well.

There’s a lot we can learn from J. Edwards Holt story:

Key Determinants Of Success In Life

With enthusiasm, drive, and passion, you can overcome any obstacle in life and achieve what you set out to achieve. He always wanted to be a writer and not once did he let his condition come in the way of that. He is a success story waiting to be commemorated.

It also teaches us that while some problems we take on during life, others are God-given. We cannot raise our hands and give up. We shouldn’t. In fact, we should always be determined to achieve what we set out to pursue.

All of J. Edwards Holt’s books are also blossoming with tales of courage, diversity and winning against odds. They are incredible to teach your children a thing or two about overcoming adversities and living life with your head held high.

If you are willing to move forward, there is no force in the world that can stop you! J. Edwards Holt teaches us that.

He can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, via email at: jedwardsholt@gmail.com or through his official website.

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